"I heard footsteps pass by my bedroom door about 3.30pm and presumed it was Mr. Thompson taking a stroll".

Dr. Ling Tien Gi, in an interview with The Straits Times dated March 29, 1967.

Mr. Thompson left his bungalow on Sunday, eight days ago for a “walk”. That was the last anyone saw of him. Mrs. Helen Ling said Mr. Thompson told her and Mrs. Constance Mangskau at 1.30pm just before going for the walk: “Good night, sweethearts”. When asked why the “good night" bit during noon, Mrs. Ling said: “It has always been our practice, despite the time of the day or night to say good night whenever we wanted to retire for the night or for a siesta". And with a wave of the hand, Mr. Thompson was gone.

The Eastern Sun, Monday, April 3, 1967.

A researcher believes the clue to the disappearance of ‘Thai Silk King’ Jim Thompson may be found in bones from a grave in Cameron Highlands. Captain Philip Rivers said he found out about the discovery of the bones from a health officer while researching on Thompson’s death in 2007.

“The probability is that his body lay undiscovered in the thick under bush, hidden in an unmarked grave after an accident. A DNA on the bones might possibly provide a fuller answer,” he said.

The Star, Wednesday, March 31, 2010.

“I saw him (Thompson) leave a hotel in Tahiti and called after him,” businessman (Edward) Pollitz is reported to have said, “but he got into a taxi and left. There was a lady in the back seat.”

The businessman’s subsequent attempts to track him drew a blank.

The Malay Mail, Thursday, March 21, 2013.