To date, volumes have been written about Jim Thompson, by far, the best known legend of Southeast Asia. I first came to have an interest in his disappearance as a result of reading about it in the newspapers. In 1994, while on a trip to the Cameron Highlands, it came as a surprise to me that in spite of the fact he vanished more than 25 years ago, the memory of his departure was still fresh in the minds of many.

While I was at the retreat, I came to have an interest in his absconding all over again. On my return from the resort, I went through a stack of files to see if I could pinpoint the exact time he left “Moonlight”. Most reports, if not all, declared he left the bungalow at about 3.30pm. Much later, while reading the past issues of the Eastern Sun, I came across an article which not only stated he quit the scene at 1.30pm; equally interesting, it also mentioned that his friends were aware of it. Armed with this detail, I went ahead to publish a book entitled: SOLVED! The Mysterious Disappearance of Jim Thompson, the Legendary Thai Silk King. Of the many who read my work, none came around to say they were “short changed”.